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Dream Big Venture Capital Panel Full Remarks by Christopher Sanchez, Founder & CEO - Emergent Line

Thank you all for attending this session on startup funding in Latin America. I’m  Christopher Sanchez, Founder and CEO of Emergent Line— “where we have a  mission to be the most human-centric AI company in the world.” I’m also the  Executive Director of the Global AI Bill of Rights, where we’re defining the rights all of us should have along with the best practices to make those rights operational in a world governed by AI.  

As part of Emergent Line’s commitment to elevating the region, we invite all of you to join us at one of our TechDinners later this year in Mexico City, São Paulo,  Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago, or Miami. You’ll meet fellow founders, VCs,  Angel Investors, and business leaders in settings of 10 to 16 people over a  a delicious meal in one of Latin America’s best restaurants. We want everyone to understand the unique and amazing opportunities the startups, developers, VCs,  and people in Latin America represent. 
Christopher Sanchez Founder and CEO of Emergent-Line
Christopher Sanchez Founder and CEO of Emergent Line
Artificial Intelligence is the first truly exponential technology of our time. The rate at which AI will augment the world we collectively inhabit is beyond comprehension. From health care and drug discovery, law and biology,  transportation and communication, music and the arts– We are entering the exponential age.  

AI also presents an enormous opportunity not just for individual companies and entrepreneurs; but for an entire region to reposition itself in a generation.  Mastering the development and implementation of AI is one of the keys to launching Latin America forward.  

As a community, we are at the start of this next evolution for Latin America. With every line of code written and every model trained, the people in this room are powering the exponential evolution of the region. I know there are future tech titans, product leaders, developers, and AI practitioners in the audience today working on exceptional problems, products, and solutions.

I ask all of you in the audience to ponder these few data points as we progress through our session today: 2038, 32, and 16.  

  • 2038 - is the year Latin America is projected to surpass the combined population of Europe.  
  • 32 - is the number of unicorns in Latin America today. Up from 21 in November of last year. 
  • 16 - that's the number of years until 2038. So let's think about what we can create together in the next decade and a half.  

We named this panel Dream Big for a reason. We’re here to tackle big problems,  uncover big opportunities, and to build a better tomorrow for Latin America and the world. But to make dreams happen, we have to identify ideas that can be backed; we have to uncover the most promising thread that connects those dreams with reality–and part of that reality is finding amazing partners and investors to support your dream because none of us can do it alone. 

—Live Panel Begins—
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