Connecting Emerging VCs, Angel Investors, and Founders Across LATAM.
TechDinners arranges invitation-only dinners at the most exclusive restaurants in the cities of São Paulo, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Mexico City, and Miami. Invitees are a mixture of VCs, Angel Investors, LPs, Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Business Leaders.

If you would like to be invited to one of the dinners, please send us your contact information at the end of the page.
TechDinners was born from the desire to connect all the amazing founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and angel investors across Latin America in curated dinners that would foster the development of solid connections and relationship building.
Dinners are organized by Christopher Sanchez and the team at Emergent Line. Guests are encouraged to join dinners in other cities to broaden their networks across Latin America.

We will also host one non-LATAM dinner in Miami.

Please contact us if you want to become a corporate sponsor of TechDinners.
TechDinners Cities
Mexico City, Mexico
São Paulo, Brazil
Bogota, Colombia
Santiago, Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miami, United States
LATAM Unicorn's combined valuations in billions of dollars in 2021.
The year when the population of Latin America is projected to surpass the population of Europe.
LATAM is one of the most vibrant regions for technology development.
Billion dollars invested by VCs in Latin American Startups in 2021.
Million people live in Latin American Countries.
As more people move to large cities in LATAM, consumers will want more services and products to live their everyday lives.
Elevating Startups, Founders, Entrepreneurs, VCs, LPs, and Angel Investors in Latin America.
Connect with fellow founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists who will be integral parts of your entrepreneurial journey.
Build strong relationships with fellow founders, angels, and venture capitalists. Develop a world-class network with vetted dinner guests.
Grow your venture, investment portfolio, and partnerships consistently across Latin America and beyond.
Upcoming Dinners
Winter 2022
Topics for the Dinner
The Landscape/Relationship of Mexico and LATAM.
Ticket Release Date:
Mexico City
Mexico City is a gateway for many foreign companies and investors into the Latin American market. Developing AI companies for the Latin American markets. What are the problems that AI can solve? What are the challenges companies face when developing AI in LATAM? What resources do companies need to bring solutions to markets from the investment community?
To Be Announced
Topics for the Dinner
Miami & LATAM Startup Scene
Ticket Release Date:
What companies and concepts from the United States are missing in Latin America? How can the US and Latin American investors support the development of these concepts across Latin America? What concepts from Latin America are missing in the United States, and how might they use Miami as a hub for expansion in the US market?
To Be Announced
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  • Includes Complete Meal.
  • Meet High-Quality Investors & Partners.
  • Invitation to TechDinners Summit 2023.
  • Exclusive Insights Into LATAM Market.
$395 USD
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  • Includes Complete Meal.
  • Meet World Class Founders & Startups.
  • Invitation to TechDinners Summit 2023.
  • Exclusive Insights Into LATAM Market.
$395 USD
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